Quality & Certificate

The commitment to quality is our philosophy, our culture, and our way of doing business.

Speed Infotech has ISO Accreditation and independent laboratories periodically verify our product quality

All procedures and standards are designed to enable us to create products that are 100% compliant with clearly defined specifications. The specifications are determined in partnership between our customers, technical specialists, and independent testing laboratories.

We retain batch samples for a year post-production, additionally; we follow a procedure of continuous testing every month post-production. Comparing our products with OEM samples and other remanufactured products on a routine basis. We always investigate defective returns.

Our series of tests include, though not limited to, the following; print head sealing, leakage, air-shipment stability, odour, cartridge appearance, packaging, labelling, ink volumes, page life, density, colour match, photograph reproduction, adhesion, white line, banding, line raggedness, inter colour bleed, mottle, curl, drying time, substrate penetration, black print, water resistance, highlighter resistance, simple light-fastness, accelerated light-fastness, and shelf-life.