The newest 6 colours photo printer: Epson L800


Many people are tinkering with printers on the market with additional hoses and tubes of ink. Ink tank system or so-called drip system like that is nothing else to manipulate for cheap because the cost of printing ink usage is inefficient.


The printer has plural even this infusion system used in a variety of photo printing kiosks. In fact, now start reaching personal users. Many offer services including installing drip refill ink.


Unfortunately, the lure of cheap printing costs often have to be paid inconvenience. For example, a separate cartridge with the printer body make the device difficult to be moved around. To refill ink are often makes the ink spilled everywhere. not to mention the problem that the printer head jammed because the ink is not guaranteed quality.


But do not worry, there is now a photo printer with an original infusion system. Epson became the first company to provide it with the release of the Epson model L800. Items will go out into the market from early June 2011 was introduced to the press and business partners in Bali, 14 to 16 May 2011.


“For us, the printer is not just a product but merely as tools that help the people of Indonesia,” said Michiya Hirasaki, President Director of PT Epson Indonesia today introduced the L800 in front of the press on Saturday (05/14/2011). He said it designed the printer to have a value (value) is strong, such as providing cost-effective print and not easily damaged.


L800 is the third Epson printer with Epson infusion system that was released to the market. Previously, L100 and L200 are intended to print the document was first released in October 2010. Not only that, the Epson is the only manufacturer that has released a printer with a drip system.


“This is the first time in the world of Epson launches photo printer with six colors,” said Nurdin M Hosni, Deputy Country Manager for PT Epson Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia became the first country marketing printer. According to Husni, Indonesia has become an example for other countries because of their success to market printers drip system.


Compared with an additional infusion system engineered a third party, the solutions offered by Epson are integrated. Six tubes of ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow, black, photo (light), cyan, photo (light), magenta, placed in a special compartment which easily dismantled or re-install when the contents are moved to another place without lapse of milling.


“Installing a third party generally makes a mess of work space, easy to leak ink, printouts are low, head stuck, difficult to transport, and no longer valid warranty,” said Riswin Li, Product Marketing Manager PT Epson Indonesia.


According to him, installation of third-party ink is often with the installation of hose that does not fit so as to make the ink is often leaky. Counterfeit ink also produces a color that is not perfect because it often contains air bubbles due to repeated injection process that is not true. Impasse in the head too often occurs because the installation of a third party is usually done without taking into account environmental conditions, so easy to take in the dust.


With a Micro Piezo technology is a patented technology that Epson, L800 claimed would produce more accurate color depth, detail, and subtle gradations. Micro Piezo electric current using the change in head is not hot like the printer head is generally able to print with a resolution of 5760×1440 dpi and can release ink hatching in three different sizes. Package ink can print up to 1800 sheets of 4R size photos, each with a time just 13 seconds. Problem printing costs, a bottle of ink sold 10.5 U.S. dollars so that one 4R photo will cost around Rupiah 350.


Riswin say, Epson L800 will be priced at 272 dollars not including tax. The target market is medium to large companies. But, small companies, students associated with print graphics, and the family also became a target.


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