Lexmark celebrates 20th anniversary


Worldwide celebration as OEM sees in two decades in the industry.


Lexmark International has announced a week of celebrations to mark its 20th year on from spinning off from IBM.


The company’s headquarters will be hosting a two-day celebration for current and retired employees and their families. Sites outside the US are also said to have celebration plans for the week.


Paul Rooke, Lexmark President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Our customer intimacy and industry-leading technology, coupled with the dedication and commitment of our employees, has driven our success and will be key to our future.“I am excited about the market opportunities ahead and believe Lexmark’s expanding technology base and deep customer insight will continue to serve us well in the years to come.”


Perhaps owing to its nature as a spin-off company, Lexmark is relatively young compared to other OEMs. HP and Canon both have their foundations in the 1930s, while Xerox’s beginnings as The Haloid Photographic Company stretch back to 1906.


Lexmark’s 20 years have also proven to be tumultuous for the aftermarket. The OEM has been behind several high profile legal cases, such as the long running Static Control case and the currently concluding action against Ninestar and many others.


The “industry-leading technology” Paul Rooke mentioned has also presented its fair share of trouble, between difficult chips like the T650 and the recent problems with firmware updates.   
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