High performance remanufactured Canon cartridges; PG40, CLi41, PG510/511/512/513, and the PG540


Speed Infotech Holdings Limited, an advocate of genuine laser toner and inkjet cartridge recycling, offers a key development in the remanufacturing process of the highly popular range of Canon PG inkjet cartridges.


As an acknowledged pioneer in the recycling of non-print head inkjets, while most Chinese factories were offering only new build patent-infringing cartridges, Speed Infotech was investing into new technologies and know-how. Following, 12 years as a quality focussed remanufacturer, awarded with accreditation from the major quality testing institutes, we are now once again overcoming the challenges of performance and reliability in the remanufacturing process.


We are pleased to announce the worldwide launch of our fully tested and compliant Canon inkjet cartridges; PG40, CLi41, PG510/511/512/513, and the PG540. This range of professionally remanufactured products have been reset using the latest digital technology, and they are guaranteed not to issue printer recognition error reports. And being fully functional, they provide users with ink level status and the added peace of mind that failure rates are well within aftermarket tolerances, of less than 1%.


Contact us promptly with your future order requirements, since we only source and supply OEM cartridges in our remanufacturing processes - to ensure we maintain our high quality standards and our continued commitment in offering only genuine recycled products. Reach us at sales@speed-china.com