Esys d.o.o. has been awarded the distribution rights to the Speed brand in the Balkans region


Manufacturers of compatible and remanufactured inkjet and laser cartridges, Speed Infotech Holdings will be supplying aftermarket inkjet and laser toner cartridge products direct to the Esys warehousing facilities for onward distribution to retailers and distributors in the region.



Speed Infotech Holdings spokeswoman Angela Shekyls said that the move was the first major launch into the fast-growing Southern and Eastern Europe market for the company, adding, ‘we are very much looking forward to building and supporting a successful partnership with Esys in this high income emerging market’.



Croatia has been an EU candidate country since 2004 and progress towards full membership is expected to be rapid following the signing of a border arbitration deal with neighbouring Slovenia. Although Croatia has enjoyed visa-free travel since 1991, following its independence, recent moves by the EU to lift visa restrictions on Balkan neighbours Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro are expected to boost trade within the Balkan Peninsula.



Since 2002, Esys has developed a strong reputation in the supply of office and computer products. Suppliers to regional government, major retailers and local distributors with internationally branded products, the company first started with IT peripherals but since expanded into printer consumable products as the technology and sales channels began to overlap and as demand increased.



Esys is committed to delivering fast and effective logistical support to its clients, providing technical expertise and back-up, along with promotional marketing support. A spokesperson said “Our agreement with Speed Infotech enables Esys to provide clients direct access to competitively priced high-quality printer cartridges, and maintain a world-class service, enabling customers to dispense with the need to deal through intermediaries”. Adding, “with the marketing support and the ongoing research and development undertaken at the Speed Infotech factory, Esys is confident of being able to deliver high performance printer consumables in the fast-growing marketplace”.


--<The Recycler>